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ACCEPTED LIST! [closed for now]

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ACCEPTED LIST! [closed for now] Empty ACCEPTED LIST! [closed for now]

Post  timmy on Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:37 am

GM APPS ARE CURRELTLY CLOSED!!!!!!!! make more people come to my server to get more apps Very Happy

here are the GM apps i have accepted....

sorta >3<=event holder/ donater(even if u dident Razz) status OR!
sorta >3<1=Intern(1 below gm)

updated daily
xWall GM Application:Accepted...sorta >3<1

FirstBlood's GM Application: accepted

GM Application of CreamVanilla: accepted

gm app for fwog: accepted( congratz ur a event holder >_>)

Serith's GM App: accepted sorta>3<

Jinny's application: accepted as a event holder/ donater

Peter's GM App: accepted (UNLESS U USE THAT HAMMER AGAIN D:<)

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