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Post  Peter on Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:59 am

Personal info:
My name is Peter. I am South Korean, and nice too meet you. Smile
I understand if it's kind of odd to hire a complete stranger.

Time zone GMT:
Eastern Pacific Time Zone.


Do you have experience with being a Game Master?
I have been a GM once about a year ago.

Proof of Experience:

[GM APP] Peter Maple0032

Why should we choose you to experience the chance of being a GM?

Well, I have played about 15 or more servers for the past year or so, and I've seen how they rised up and also crumble down. They rised up because of awesome GMs and crumbled down with horrible GMs. I want to be that one GM that brings this server up. Also, I get a fresh start Smile

Contact Information (Email/AIM/MSN):
AIM: PetardDead (Always online)

How much you will be active (in hours each day):
2~4 hours on school days.
Since its winter break just started (16 days long), I can play about 4~8 hours.
I will probably be on TimmyMS everyday, since my friends in my neighborhood all moved out and I have nothing to do.

What am I capable of doing?
I can do everything a GM is suppose to do, ban, and keep the server in order.
But my specialty is making friendship Smile

What will you do if you saw a hacker in our server (GM point of View)
Well, first i would have to find out if that was real hack or if it was just lag.
If it was hack, I would ban if it was a REAL bad hack. (Vacc, Acc Hacking)
If it was just like godmode or something like that, I would just temp ban for quiet a while.
If the Admin wants to change that, so be it. I'm completely fine with it.
Hackers deserve nothing good.

Extra Info:
To know me better, I dream of becoming a chef or becoming a scientist that would benefit this world.
After all, this world IS in need of more scientists. But also the happiness food brings to people.

Thank you for your time,

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