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Post  Serith on Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:38 am


Time zone GMT:Eastern Time (US)


Do you have experience with being a Game Master?I have experience in v55 and v62 few on v75 but i learn pretty quick

Proof of Experience:soz i dont have any proof since i stoped for few months playing ps

Why should we choose you to experience the chance of being a GM?You should choose me because i can help the community and any other problem its having,hackers,etc and the rest.

Contact Information (Email/AIM/MSN):i would give it out but i dont wan it to everywere

How much you will be active (in hours each day):Im very active,unless its skool or i have no internet

What am I capable of doing?Helping and doing what im told(lol my job)

What will you do if you saw a hacker in our server (GM point of View)
If i see ahacker even if im a gm i would screenshot it b4 banning.

Extra Info:umm i like sports and hanging out lol


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