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Binso's Gm apply

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Binso's Gm apply Empty Binso's Gm apply

Post  binso on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:13 pm

1) What Are You Applying For ( Super GM , GM Or Intern)
I want to apply for Super gm

2) Whats your real name ?

3) How Old Are You ?
I am 15 Year Old

4) How Long Have You Played This Server ?
like 1 days or more because of the v75 maplestory thing

5) Do You Have Any GM Experince
yea i got the experince in GamemasterMs and i made my own server
but it close because of nexon and that how i got my experine of being
a Game master

6) Why Should You Be Picked For GM / What Els Do You Want To Say
this is why i should be pick for gm
-know all the command for super gm and gms
-i got the experince
-love to help people
-play TupacMs alot

7)What your game name

so make me a gm plz Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil afro lol!


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