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GM Application of CreamVanilla xD

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GM Application of CreamVanilla xD

Post  CreamVanilla on Fri Dec 18, 2009 4:33 am

Personal info:

RL: Michelle

Time zone GMT: GMT+8

Age: 13 , I know i'm abit young o-o

Do you have experience with being a Game Master?

uh no , but atleast i'll try my best to be one,

Proof of Experience: (Blank)

Why should we choose you to experience the chance of being a GM?

I'm Friendly , Respect , And I Don't Break The GM Rules .

Contact Information (Email/AIM/MSN):

michelle_jiali@hotmail.com ( shh ._. )

How much you will be active (in hours each day): 5+ hour or more ?

What am I capable of doing?

Banninq Hackers , Heldinq Event , Answer Those Questions Asked By Players , And Guard The Server.

What will you do if you saw a hacker in our server (GM point of View)

Stalk Him/Her until Him/her hacks and i'll SS it and post it in the forum , Then , I'll Bann Him/her .


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