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FirstBlood's GM Application

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FirstBlood's GM Application Empty FirstBlood's GM Application

Post  GHYENG on Fri Dec 18, 2009 12:06 pm

Personal info
My IGN is FirstBlood, while you can call my real life name Darren.
I live in Malaysia and I'm a chinese.

Time zone
My time zone is GMT+8, which is the same with Singapore.

I was born in 1994, so I am now 15 years old.

Do you have experience with being a Game Master?
I had not tried before as a GM, but I am confident I can do the job well.

Proof of Experience

Why should we choose you to experience the chance of being a GM?
I believe I can do the job well and not abuse GM's power to others.
As well as I will try my best to help others and hosting interesting events in game.

Contact Information (Email/MSN)

How much you will be active (in hours each day)
I'm now a student now, so I can't be active the whole day like other people.
But still I'm able to online at least 3 hours daily.

What am I capable of doing?
What I have is just passion to help others, and a creativity brain to host events.
I'll try my best to help those who need help.
Besides, I'll come with some interesting events to entertain the players.

What will you do if you saw a hacker in our server (GM point of View)
Basically, I will first determine whether that person actually using the startle procedure or abuse glitch.
If the person is abusing glitch, I'll warn him not to do so and will give appropriate punishment if needed.
If the person is using hacks, I'll take a screenshot as an evidence and then giving appropriate penalties.

Extra Info
Even I never tried to be a GM before, I'll try my best to meet your demands.


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